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At GTA Family Mediation, we are proud to specialize in family mediation services provided by our highly trained and accredited mediators. Our comprehensive process is designed for maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

We understand the complexity of divorce and have incorporated state-of-the-art financial disclosure technology to allow couples to explore options for asset division with ease. With us on your team, you can ensure that all legal matters surrounding separation will be taken care of quickly and effectively!

Our mediation packages include the cost of independent legal advice, so you can rest assured that your separation agreement will be legally binding. Unlike other mediators, we don’t just give you a mediation report or memorandum of understanding. We go one step further and ensure that the document is reviewed by lawyers to create a separation agreement for your protection.

If you and your partner have made the decision to separate, mediation may be an excellent option for achieving a peaceful resolution. A professional mediator can work with both of you as an unbiased third-party to reach a separation agreement that is beneficial to all parties involved.

  • Mediation is far more cost-effective: The two of you share the cost of the mediator, which is a small fraction of what you would pay for separate lawyers to negotiate a settlement on your behalf.
  • Mediation is a much quicker process: A traditional Ontario divorce can take up to several years to finalize, especially if litigation is involved. If you’re both committed to the process, your mediation can be complete in a matter of weeks.
  • Mediation puts both of you in control: You both get to decide the outcome of your separation. A judge, on the other hand, has limited time and little context surrounding your situation so his or her decisions might not be in your best interests. With mediation, you can make choices that work for everyone.
  • Mediation promotes healthy communication: A mediator gives you the tools you need to communicate with your former partner in constructive ways. We provide a safe, judgement-free virtual space to discuss and resolve issues together.
  1. Once you and your partner have decided to explore mediation as an option to finalize your separation, reach out to book a free 20-minute exploratory session. During this virtual call, we’ll listen to your story and explain the mediation process. You and your partner can then make the decision that works for you. https://calendly.com/jennifer-southsimcoemediation/complimentary-consultation
  2. Once you agree to move forward, an agreement to mediate is signed. The mediator will then schedule an individual intake and financial review meeting with each partner, which generally takes 1-1.5 hours. These sessions help us understand your individual priorities and issues and evaluate your suitability for mediation.
  3. After this meeting you will be given access to an easy-to-use, secure online financial disclosure portal where you will be able to upload key financial and other important documentation. These documents provide a complete and accurate picture of your financial situation and will be used to calculate division of assets, support payments, etc.
  4. Once all documentation has been provided, mediation sessions will be scheduled with you and your partner. These sessions, usually 1.5-2 hours in length, are held virtually through a secure, online platform. Each session will ideally focus on a separate issue, e.g., division of assets, child custody, child support, spousal support, parenting plans, etc.
  5. Following each session, progress notes will be provided to each partner for approval. Once all sessions have been completed and approved, your mediator will draft a separation agreement.
  6. After your final separation agreement is complete, each party will then be assigned a separate family law lawyer who will virtually meet with each party to provide independent legal regarding the terms of their mediated separation agreement. Once this appointment has been completed, the lawyer will provide a summary of the meeting as well as a certificate of independent legal advice.
  7. From there, a final closing session will be completed and any necessary changes will be made to the agreement if relevant. The mediator will then assist the parties with applying for a divorce if required.

We implore you to come into the mediation process with an open attitude, and a promise to put your all into resolving your disputes. Our safe environment gives both of you an opportunity for expressing yourselves openly and honestly.

We understand that this can be a difficult moment in life which evokes many emotions; our mission is to equip each of you with the necessary tools for effective communication. Ultimately, we strive towards constructing a mediation agreement through collaborative efforts that will give both parties closure and peace as they move forward.

It’s important we have a complete and accurate picture of your financial situation so we can guide productive discussions moving forward. South Simcoe Family Mediation will request access to the following documentation in order to proceed with your mediation, where applicable:

  • Mortgage
  • Personal and/or business bank statements
  • Pensions
  • Life insurance policies
  • Other assets/liabilities
  • Income Tax Returns and Notice of Assessment

We require this documentation within 15 days of the signed agreement to get the mediation process started. 

During the initial intake meeting with each partner, we’ll determine whether mediation is suitable for your particular situation. If the mediator advises that you should obtain legal counsel, you will not be charged for this appointment.

We strive to give both parties all of the necessary tools and a safe space in which to communicate; however, sometimes it doesn’t always work out as planned – if so, you are only required to pay up until that point.

The total amount of mediation sessions required varies based on factors such as the number of issues that need to be resolved, whether children are involved in the dispute, your dedication to reaching a settlement agreement and more. On average, mediations generally conclude after three meetings.

At GTA Mediation, we provide comprehensive separation and divorce packages that are affordably priced from $995.00 – $3995.00 for each person involved (a rate that is in line with other mediators across Canada).

We understand the importance of reaching an agreement quickly and efficiently so all efforts will be made to progress your case as swiftly as possible while still achieving a successful outcome.

Once you and your partner have come to a mutual understanding, it must be reviewed with an attorney for the agreement to become legally binding.

Our comprehensive separation and divorce mediation package include independent legal counsel that will transform your mediated settlement into a legitimate separation contract. Afterward, you may choose to apply for a divorce in Ontario with confidence.

At this time, GTA Mediation only provides online mediation services in Ontario through a secure meeting platform. This gives you and your partner the opportunity to call in from separate locations and provides a more neutral environment for discussion. You’ll need a reliable Internet connection, microphone and camera to participate effectively.

Yes! We guarantee GTA Mediation is a safe, impartial and fair environment that offers closed mediation services.

This ensures everything discussed within the sessions remains private and confidential while abiding by legal regulations. All settlements made are kept away from prejudice to protect either party in any future proceedings.