Although breaking apart is difficult, if you decide that distance will bring greater harmony to your lives than being together, then it’s time to take the plunge and move forward. Our team is here to help!

Our mediation process is designed to provide a virtual setting for you and your partner to talk through the main components of separation: assets, child support, parenting plans and spousal support. The resolution that we strive towards is an agreement reached by both parties which will help them move on in their lives.

Lawyers usually focus too much attention on ‘winning’ or ‘fighting for you; this can often overheat tensions between partners resulting in a long-winded journey of stress and costliness. If it’s peace of mind you’re looking for rather than warring with each other – our mediation service is exactly what you need!

Jennifer Curry, ACCFm

Jennifer Curry has worked in the social services field for nearly two decades and witnessed firsthand how divorce affects families across Ontario. She understands that financial disputes are among the most significant obstacles couples must face when reaching agreements and for this reason, she has acquired extensive training in financial analysis to set herself apart from other mediators.

With this specialized knowledge, Jennifer can help couples come together and create amicable solutions for their separation.

Ryan Osbourne

Prior to starting Osbourne Collaborative Law in 2020, Ryan was a full-time litigation lawyer in downtown Toronto. He has spent time as an insurance broker and competitive athlete, among other things.

Ryan's approach is customizable, efficient, and practical. He works within budgets and flat fee arrangements whenever possible. Hopefully, this makes dealing with your situation more predictable and less stressful and time-consuming.

Sean C. Valentine

Sean was educated at Windsor Law & The University of Detroit Mercy and began his career as a litigator in some of Toronto's most notable specialty firms in 2015. His deep litigation experience proved his ability for arguing issues related to complex legal relationships and exposed him to methods for strategically navigating the role of the court.

Sean decided to transition his experience to the area of Family Law and focuses on practicing a more modern approach recognizing the value of alternative dispute resolution methods in addition to litigation. He is a trained Collaborative Law Practitioner and is in the process of becoming an Accredited Family Law Mediator.

Sean brings a diverse range of expertise spanning a variety of areas in family law, including parental responsibility, the determination of support, and property ownership. His proficiency in contract negotiations and dispute resolution is a valuable asset with a genuine interest in helping clients and their families. Sean has appeared at various levels of court, including the Ontario Court of Appeal, and looks forward to helping each one of his clients find a solution to their matter.