Why Couples Who Are Separating in Ontario Should Consider Mediation

Once you’ve made the decision to separate from your partner, the road ahead can seem impossible. You’ve heard the messy divorce stories from family and friends: endless arguments, mounting legal bills and years of back and forth. Divorce does sucks but it doesn’t have to be awful. Mediation in Ontario is a welcome alternative that can […]

What Parents Need to Know About Canada’s Divorce Act Updates

It’s been over 20 years since any meaningful updates have been made to Canada’s Divorce Act. The biggest changes, now law, are meant to do one thing: protect the best interests of our children. In this post, we’ll review what this means for Ontario families and why alternative dispute resolution, i.e., mediation, has now been legally […]

How Parents Can Make Divorce Easier on Their Children

It’s one of those moments every parent dreads: telling your children Mom and Dad are getting a divorce. No matter how you feel about each other, you’ll always be parents. And you can make a divorce easier on your children by deciding to work together on a life apart. Divorce mediation helps you and your partner […]

Divorcing During a Pandemic

It is undeniable that many couples are feeling the strain of being forced to spend more time together as a result of the pandemic. Divorces and separations have significantly increased during the Covid-19 Pandemic and are only expected to continue to increase after the lockdown measures end and courts re open. If your marriage was […]

Who keeps the pets after a divorce?

Most pet owners love their pets and consider them to be an integral part of their family. Unfortunately, in a marriage breakdown, the issue of who will keep the pets is often one that is not easily resolved. Pets often get used as a bargaining tool during divorce, and sometimes people will fight to keep […]

Why Do So Many Couples Separate in January?

New Year, New Me? It’s January, which is commonly known as “divorce month” amongst many family law professionals. The stress of the holidays is finally over and many people are taking the time and new year to re-evaluate their lives and are making the decision to choose happiness.   Why is January Such a Popular Month […]

What is Divorce Mediation?

When you’ve made the decision to separate, you’re often told to ‘get a lawyer’.  But before you decide to lawyer up, and enter into a potentially nasty legal battle, please know that there are other alternatives. If you don’t know just how expensive traditional lawyer lead litigation can get, click here to see how this […]

How long does a divorce in Ontario take?

The answer is, it depends on the couple and whether the divorce is contested or uncontested.  What is a Contested Divorce?   A contested divorce occurs when partners disagree on some, or all, of the divorce issues such as division of assets, child support, parenting schedules, etc. These types of separations usually end up in court, […]

Life Insurance as Security for Child Support

A life insurance policy can be an important part of a divorce or separation agreement. When parents divorce or separate, life insurance as security for child support can provide financial security for their children. The policy can also be used to maintain child support if the non-custodial parent dies. Spousal and Child Support In Canada, […]

6 Money Issues that can kill your marriage

Money is one of the leading causes of divorce. Couples who have money issues are more likely to get divorced than those who don’t have money issues. These 6 money issues that can kill your marriage are listed below. Here are the top 6 issues that can kill your marriage: Arguing about money Arguments about […]